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The next huge GMO crime is here

 ÞETTA ER SKELFILEGT ÞAÐ SEM SEGIR Í ÞESSARI GREIN ! If this new generation of edited food is accepted by a sleeping public, there is yet another step coming on the road to full food control. We’ve seen hints of … Continue reading

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CHEMTRAILS: “WHO” In The World is Spraying Now Revealed

Exposing the United Nations as a criminal cabal, Climatogist, Tim Balls’s new book: “The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science” provides conclusive evidence that the IPCC, Global Warming – Climate Change movement is a criminal conspiracy where politics trumps science. via … Continue reading

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The Future Doesn’t have to be Bleak

The Illuminati. A Home and Banner under-which all secret societies would eventually emerge, which have indeed emerged, as one body of control. And from this body of control, the name “The New World Order” has embedded itself on today’s society. via The Future … Continue reading

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Remote-controlled humans- Psi Tech. Marvin Bush and John B Alexander company in Florida 1991.

Normal surface power density should be 0.2 volts/meter squared on planet earth. Because of all the cell towers and radio towers , wifi, the average voltage per meter squared is much higher in the USA- All Cities need to have … Continue reading

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Ebola, Monsanto, James Holmes: basis of psyops

In the case of Ebola, the whole unfolding storyline depends on selling basic assumptions: a) there is an outbreak; b) the outbreak is caused by a single virus.As you can see, these assumptions and the ensuing storyline are being sold … Continue reading

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Aerosol Geoengineering Responsible For Deliberate Ozone Depletion and UV-B

n 1963, respected meteorologist Harry Wexler suggested the arctic regions could be warmed more quickly by using aircraft to spray chlorine or bromine into the stratosphere to destroy the ozone layer. (source)Most people have no knowledge of the long history … Continue reading

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Facebook and Monsanto: top shareholders are identical

Facebook and Monsanto: top shareholders are identical. If it was just these 2 corporations same names will pop up in… and since facebook-google-youtube are all sharing bed today then the same people rule over them too…

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