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Cell Phones What every activist needs to know

Not only are we surrounded by natural frequencies, our bodies are filled with them too. Our cells communicate using electro magnetic frequencies.Our brain emits a constant stream of frequencies and our DNA delivers instructions, using frequency waves.Without them we couldn’t … Continue reading

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Ebola 2: here come the “global pandemic” promoters

Ebola 2: here come the “global pandemic” promoters.  They for sure seam to be working on making a new pandemic hoax again..now with the old man made Ebola..just a bit upgraded this time..and they want people into fear and panic..and … Continue reading

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RIP, psychiatry: the “chemical-imbalance” theory is dead

The chemical imbalance theory is a fake. There are no defining physical tests for any of the 300 so-called mental disorders. All diagnoses are based on arbitrary clusters or menus of human behavior. The drugs are harmful, dangerous, toxic. Some … Continue reading

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