Netanyahu can get away with murder because Israel controls the worlds high technology sector – over and above even the US.

What is he Talpiot Program?

“The world of Cyber security is Totally dominated by Israel” – B. O’Connell 


Israel rules. Until we target specifically this control of the high technology sector and specifically The Talpiot Program, we will all continue to wonder how Israel gets away with all it does. It is a racist state of the most odious kind. But who will stand up to them? From medical nano technology to cyber security to private hacking companies to military technology to police databases, banking, finance and medical – Israel runs them all. This is Israel’s false flag nuke.

4. Israel doesn’t want to control the world or the middle east, we just want to leave in peace.

I’m not going to dignify that with an answer. What are you? 12 years old? Israels SOLE reason for being is to dominate the Middle East region and fulfill Biblical prophecy of Greater Israel. “You” didn’t set up Israel, trillionair British Jewish bankers did. You’re just cannon fodder. You can learn about The Oded Yinon Plan, Bi Bi’s salesman pitch to involve the USA in wars for Israel’s benefit – or you can call me a auntie seeemite and slam the door on your way out. WHO DID 911?


A tiny “Arc Processor” sitting within the Intel CPU with it’s own custom version of Linux (Minix) operating beyond the software level – completely transparent to the end user. Does not matter if your using Windows, Linux or Apple iOS…you are toast and THIS is how Israel does it. All part of The Talpiot Program. No one is safe – no one. AMD has the exact same system – Platform Security System – and that is now totally owned and run by China. The ENTIRE worlds “Cloud Based” Internet system is backdoored by Israel. THIS is a national security disaster. Disaster is spelt D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R. I have copped endless shit for 9 years exposing this. I have been jailed, beaten, bashed, vilified and threatened with the dreaded “Wood Shed” by Ry Ry Dawson [shivers], but I am still here. And so are you.

Invisible Empire_ Full Movie_A New World Order Defined – HD

2:26:28 min.



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Robert F Kennedy Jr: CDC an “edifice of fraud”

A structural conflict of interest, in which the CDC buys billions of dollars of vaccines and, at the same time, carries out many studies assessing vaccine safety—with this much money on the line, the Agency would never, under any circumstances, admit vaccines are dangerous;

A massive overestimation of annual flu deaths in the US, in order to push the necessity of the flu vaccine.

In this second memo, I present two more shocking areas which should receive the immediate attention of the dissident Spider scientists at the CDC, and Mr. Kennedy:


On August 27, 2014, CDC scientist William Thompson came out of the shadows and revealed that he had participated in a major scientific fraud:

Ten years earlier, he and his co-authors had published a study claiming there was no MMR-vaccine connection to autism. They had omitted vital data which contradicted that finding.

The MMR vaccine was increasing the risk of autism. Thompson knew it. So did his co-authors. They buried that chilling fact.

Before their fake study was published, Thompson wrote to the head of the CDC, Julie Gerberding, informing her that, at an upcoming conference, he would be “presenting the summary of our results from the Metropolitan Atlanta Autism Case-Control Study [and]…I will have to present several problematic results relating to statistical associations between the receipt of MMR vaccine and autism.”

In other words, Thompson was ready to blow the whistle on the MMR vaccine-autism connection. He received no reply from CDC Director Gerberding, and his presentation at the conference was canceled.

Fast forward: in 2009, Gerberding left the CDC. She eventually went to work as the president of the vaccine division at Merck.

Merck. Manufactures. The. MMR. Vaccine.

Get it? (full story here)


Peter Doshi, PhD, writing in the online BMJ (British Medical Journal), reveals a monstrosity.

As Doshi states, every year, hundreds of thousands of respiratory samples are taken from flu patients in the US and tested in labs. Here is the kicker: only a small percentage of these samples show the presence of a flu virus.

This means: most of the people in America who are diagnosed by doctors with the flu have no flu virus in their bodies.

So they don’t have the flu. Therefore, even if you assume the flu vaccine is useful and safe, it couldn’t possibly prevent all those “flu cases” that aren’t flu cases.

The vaccine couldn’t possibly work. The vaccine isn’t designed to prevent fake flu, unless pigs can fly.

Here’s the exact quote from Peter Doshi’s BMJ review, “Influenza: marketing vaccines by marketing disease” (BMJ 2013; 346:f3037):

“…even the ideal influenza vaccine, matched perfectly to circulating strains of wild influenza and capable of stopping all influenza viruses, can only deal with a small part of the ‘flu’ problem because most ‘flu’ appears to have nothing to do with influenza. Every year, hundreds of thousands of respiratory specimens are tested across the US. Of those tested, on average 16% are found to be influenza positive.

“…It’s no wonder so many people feel that ‘flu shots’ don’t work: for most flus, they can’t.” Because most diagnosed cases of the flu aren’t the flu.


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CDC “Spider” Scientists attack the CDC, blow the lid off

Dear Spider Group:
I commend you on making an important start. You’re on the right road. As a reporter who has covered the CDC for many years, I offer you three suggestions. This short list is by no means exhaustive. I’m just pointing to a few areas where your own research will yield very rich and fertile results.ONE: SWINE FLU FRAUD.
TWO: THE CDC BUYS MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF VACCINES AND, AT THE SAME TIME, HEADS UP RESEARCH ON THE SAFETY OF VACCINES. EXPLOSIVE STRUCTURAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST. THREE: MASSIVE OVERESTIMATE OF FLU DEATHS IN THE US, IN ORDER TO PUSH THE FLU VACCINE. The CDC must turn out a steady stream of outrageous lies about the need for vaccines. If they didn’t, they’d have no way to justify the billions of dollars they spend every year buying the vaccines from drug companies.
So, Spider Group, don’t stop now. Deepen your probe. Become true heroes for honest research, expose the deep roots of corruption in your Agency, and do the right thing for the American people you’re sworn to serve.

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Police raid scientists who discovered new vaccine dangers

via Police raid scientists who discovered new vaccine dangers

—Two scientists discover that vaccines are contaminated, in the manufacturing process, with many small particles of metals that are toxic to humans when injected. Alarming.

The published research is ignored. Then the scientists are raided by police.

James Grundvig, at and the World Mercury Project, reports (3/17/18):

“Last week, the Italian police raided the home and science laboratory of Drs. Antonietta Gatti and Stefano Montanari. The police snatched all of the digital assets owned by the husband and wife team of nanopathologists, grabbing laptops, computers, and flash-drives—and with it, years of work and research.”

“Because Gatti and Montanari had taken their research of nanodust and nanoparticles…to what unseen contamination might reside in vaccines in 2016, they came under the microscope of the United States, European, and Italian authorities. They had touched the third rail of medicine. They had crossed the no-go zone with the purported crime being scientific research and discovery. By finding nano-contamination in random vaccines, Gatti and Montanari revealed, for the first time, what no one knew: Vaccines had more than aluminum salts adjuvants, Polysorbate-80, and other inorganic chemicals in them, they also harbored stainless steel, tungsten, copper, and other metals and rare elements that don’t belong in shots given to fetuses, pregnant women, newborns, babies and toddlers developing their lungs, immune and nervous systems.”

“When the scientists published their findings in January 2017, ‘New Quality‐Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro‐ and Nanocontamination,’ the logical next step for the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) should have been to open an investigation into their claims, hire independent scientists to run their own lab tests to confirm or refute the findings. If confirmed, then the healthcare agencies would enact new policies on safety of the vaccine supply chain, and enforce strict quality control and quality assurance programs.”

“But none of that happened. A year went by. It was cheaper for the authorities to attack the Italian scientists than upset the vaccine gravy train that supports the politicians.”

This is an official form of research: censorship by raiding the researchers.

Note that the two Italian scientists weren’t simply testing a batch of one vaccine from one manufacturer. There were looking at random vaccines.

Suppose this chilling disaster turns out to be endemic to all vaccine manufacturing? For the ubiquitous “all vaccines are safe” pronouncement, substitute: “dangerous across the board.”


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Talpiot Talk #2: The Foundation Of The Talpiot Program Is In This Congressional Bill

via Talpiot Talk #2: The Foundation Of The Talpiot Program Is In This Congressional Bill

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Two huge vaccine scandals the press is ignoring

via Two huge vaccine scandals the press is ignoring

Two giant vaccine scandals are in progress at the moment.

The mainstream press is mentioning them, here and there, but without any intent to raise alarms, dig in, investigate, and get down to the core of the problem.

So I’ll get to the core.

The first scandal revolves around the flu vaccine for the current year. The CDC and other “experts” have admitted the vaccine has a very low effectiveness rate.

Because the vaccine is produced using chicken eggs,  and in that medium, the flu virus—which is intentionally placed in the eggs—mutates. Therefore, it isn’t the same virus which is causing flu this year. Therefore, no protection against the flu.

FiercePharma reports:  “Based on data from Australia, which already had its flu season, scientists warn that this season’s flu shot might be only 10% effective. And the reason for such a low level of protection might lie in the method by which the majority of flu vaccines are made: in eggs.”

Ten percent effectiveness. Now that’s ridiculous. And it’s assuming you accept the whole model of how vaccines work—that they actually do protect (safely) against disease, rather than, at best, repressing the visible symptoms of the disease.

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Og akkurat í Congo skal vera kominn upp Ebolu faraldur..

Congo er særsti kopar framleiðandi Afríku.

En ágæt leið til að fela hvað er í gangi þegar að koma upp faraldrar,  þá kemst herinn og WHO um allt..

A Sky News investigation has found children as young as four working in Congolese mines where cobalt is extracted for smartphones.

Child miners aged four living a hell on Earth so YOU can drive an electric car:

Awful human cost in squalid Congo cobalt mine that Michael Gove didn’t consider in his ‘clean’ energy crusade Eight-year-old Dorsen is pictured cowering beneath the raised hand of an overseer who warns him not to spill a rock

The cobalt pipeline

Tracing the path from deadly hand-dug mines in Congo to consumers’ phones and laptops

CBS News finds children mining cobalt for batteries in the Congo


They don’t dig it Mining firms are dismayed by a new Congolese mining law  

I think this is a connection between the mines and who ownes them in the area were this or that disease shall have come up..

Það er verið að nota börn í námu uppgreftri allt frá 4 ára aldri!  Og er þetta stærstu koparnámur Afríku og sérstaklega suðurhluti beltisins sem er með þeim stærstu í heiminum.

En svo er það hliðar afurð sem verður til við bræðslu kopars en það er cobalt.. sem er notað í rafmagnsbíla.

April 5, 2018 / 4:55 PM / a month ago

Exclusive: Miners insist on rewrite of Congo mining code to protect exemptions

Congo’s Kabila to Meet Mining Bosses to Discuss New Code


Í Sierra Léone þar sem svokallaður ebolu faraldur kom upp síðast,  þá var í gangi verkfall hjá námaverkamönnum en þar eru einar af stærstu demqantsnámunum.. En til að berja niður verkfallið þá var “Ebola pandemic paniq” used..

En svona er hægt að komast inn með herlið janvel dulbúið sem heilbrigðisstarfsmenn WHO..

That is how they can block all to get in with military and force..

The Ebola in Sierra Léone should have been called  a “Dimondbola“..
Dec.6,2002 Blood Diamonds: The Conflict in Sierra Léone

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