Dr. Don Easterbrook Exposes Global Warming Hoax

3/26/2013 Presentation to Washington State Senate Committee on Climate Change – In addition to evidence contrary to IPCC, Dr. Easterbrook alleges media bias and manipulation of data by East Anglia, NASA, NOAA and NSF. (TVW Original Broadcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCy_UOjEir0)

Source: Dr. Don Easterbrook Exposes Global Warming Hoax

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Historic: Trump rejects Paris climate treaty

June 1, 2017, a day that will live in infamy for the liars, thieves, and killers of the new international economic order. They will see it as infamy, because their plan to sink the economy of America into a final death rattle has been rejected by Trump.

Fake climate science has been the lynch pin, justifying orders to cut CO2 emissions—but make no mistake about it, cutting emissions means cutting energy production in almost all countries of the world. THAT’S THE GLOBALIST TARGET. ENERGY PRODUCTION.

Get that one straight. The Globalist “utopia” isn’t a trillion solar collectors or a trillion windmills—it’s lights going out all over the world. It’s LOWER ENERGY PRODUCTION.

That’s the monster hiding in the closet. That’s the outcome arch-Globalists are determined to foist on the planet, because that’s the society they want to control—poverty-stricken, abject, shuffling along a bleak path to nowhere.Trump just stuck a knife in that scheme.

Yes, I fully understand the devil is in the details, but it is up to people everywhere, who have active brain cells and can see through the climate hoax, to take this opportunity to reject, publicly, the whole climate agenda. CO2 is not the enemy. Do the research yourself and see if there is any way these so-called scientists can assess, now or in the past, THE TEMPERATURE OF THE WHOLE PLANET.

Source: Historic: Trump rejects Paris climate treaty


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Restoring Pineal Gland & Endocrine System Function with Sungazing

Drugs and certain yogic techniques can force the pineal open prematurely before the mind is ready for psychic powers, and this can lead to psychosis. Sungazing, if done correctly, gradually awakens the pineal, along with the pituitary so that the person is not shocked by experiences of higher consciousness, and these experiences are not colored by negative images in the mind.

The use of mantras and chanting can also gradually awaken the pineal because it sits above the mouth suspended in the third ventricle, a chamber filled with cerebrospinal fluid, what some esotericists have called “the grail.” Its location above the mouth in a fluid chamber makes the pineal gland quite uniquely positioned to respond to sonic vibrations.

Manly P. Hall, in The Opening of the Third Eye stated that the pineal gland “vibrating at a very high rate of speed, is the actual cause of true spiritual illumination.” The pineal governs energy level. Thus, the more it is stimulated, the higher a person’s energy level.

Source: Restoring Pineal Gland & Endocrine System Function with Sungazing

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A Microwaved Planet ÖRBYLGJUРPLÁNETA….



Biogenic magnetite in the human brain may account for high-field saturation effects observed in the Ti and T2 values of magnetic resonance imaging and, perhaps, for a variety of biological effects of low-frequency magnetic fields.”

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Chemtrails – What Are They Really? | Full Spectrum Dominance


Source: Chemtrails – What Are They Really? | Full Spectrum Dominance

Chemtrails Reported Ingredient List:

So, what is the relationship between this list of ingredients and Chemtrails? That is the million dollar question…

As it turns out, I have discovered many different or Multi-Faceted uses and or purposes that these Chemtrails (Stratospheric Aerosols) are intended for, of which I am willing to bet there are even possibly others as yet undiscovered.

Let’s see if I can intelligently list and describe each Facet I’ve discovered and its intended purpose in a way that can be understood by the average layman…

You can also listen to this amazing interview by Harold Saive of the extremely knowledgeable and highly capable researcher and ghost writer Elana Freeland.

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A new idea that has nothing to do with government

These are phrases that fall nicely on the ear:“…designed to interconnect billions of people with full transparency in real time… anonymous polling tool that bypasses all governmental, corporate, or institutional intrusion which prevents filtering, censorship and other infringements of our natural and enumerated rights as free people… PollMole will have the functionality for anyone to anonymously ask questions and see immediate unbiased responses from potentially millions of people right on their handheld device…And then there is this: “Our current campaign topic is vaccines.

The question is: ‘Do you personally know anyone (adult or child) that has been injured by a vaccine?’ Three responses are possible. Yes, No, Not sure. This campaign will continue for the next 2 months with new questions related to vaccine safety distributed bi-weekly. The campaign should produce very important results that can be used by anyone interested in this topic to support better decisions.”

Source: A new idea that has nothing to do with government

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Centralization of Power

The third major purpose of chemtrails opens a Pandora’s box of conspiracy and conjecture, yet, all available evidence indicates that the world is undergoing a major political shift that is thrusting every nation — against the will of the people — toward a centralization of power. Nearly all nations of the world have surrendered their sovereignty to the United Nations in the past 20 years. This has been accomplished through a series of changes in law that either “harmonize” national law with United Nations policy, or subjugates national law to United Nations authority.These massive, yet relatively silent, changes to the political structure of the world are drawing a picture that looks eerily similar to prophetic pictures seen in the Bible. I’ll leave the detailed research of this intriguing subject in your capable hands, but I will condense this massive concept to this all-important residue:

The shift of power — although already legally accomplished — will take much coersion in order to bring the hearts and minds of the people of various nations into acceptance. The most effective fundamental method of mass coersion is through the use of fear, and few things can induce fear more effectively than a perceived shortage of food.

The punch line for this coersion of the people to accept a centralization of power is this:

In order to unify the nations, you must create a new structure — or order — from a synthesized chaos. This chaos must be global and it must be frightening enough to coerse people into giving up their basic human rights in exchange for security: Security provided by — you guessed it — the United Nations.

So, where does the chaos come from? It comes from the deterioration of the environment.

Naturally, the architects of this plan will blame overpopulation for the visible Earth changes, environmental issues, drought, famine, pestilence, and whatever other problems they induce. These fearful changes will provide the emotional justification that individual people need to change their values and be willing to accept a loss of personal rights in exchange for security, food, and other commercial “benefits and services”.

Source: ChemTrails.

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