Google will soon obtain private genetic data on hundreds of thousands of medical patients… without their consent

What privacy I just say.. Your car is now mostly computer on 4 wheel.. so it can both been hacked and spying on you… and the GPS is not so you can find way to this and is so you can be fallowed and tracked…all what is with a chip can do that and do.. so what the point of hiding ?

Big Brother “all seeing Illuminati eye” watch over you… and rule you….FDA allowed that RFID chip would be put in people in 2004..and the chip should contain all medical history of the person…

Nothing new here..just more who have assess to these data…and information.. and what you are told shall be done to save you can also be used to kill you…There are always to sides on the coin…

Google will soon obtain private genetic data on hundreds of thousands of medical patients


INGAORAMA "know a little but about a lot" "Better to know little about a lot..than lot about one thing" "Betra að vita lítið en um mikið...heldur en mikið um lítið.. " My profession is Cranio Sacral balancing therapist - you can see what that is about here The College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy I did learn from this school 4 courses - 3 courses I did learn from a German teacher Svaruppo Pfaff- she learned from Upledger Institute International Also learned special treatment with 0-2 year old children from Visionary Craniosacral Work -Benjamin Shield, Ph.D. Also from Stanley Rosenberg - Other therapies: Slerology - not graduated Grand Medicine Eyology! Natural Lift Facial Massages - graduated EFT-emotional freedom technique -graduated
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