UK, Netherlands: wrong sperm, three parents, ultimate agenda

Also in 2016, as reports: “Three-parent IVF techniques have been declared safe enough by British scientists to be offered in ‘specific circumstances.’ The treatments can reduce the risk of mothers passing hereditary diseases to their babies.”

And now we have this emerging scandal in the Netherlands: A sperm bank owner in Rotterdam, Jan Karbat, who died two months ago, is being accused of secretly fathering dozens of children. According to 23 families, Karbat switched sperm samples and substituted his own for the donors’.

As grisly as these scandals and practices are, they are mere covers for a much deeper agenda: making conception, pregnancy, and birth AN INCREASINGLY SYNTHETIC PROCESS.

Here’s another factor (summarized in the Daily Beast). In 2011, the European Science Foundation reported that 20% of European men, between the ages of 18 and 25, are “sub-fertile.” Not only that, both sperm count and sperm effectiveness have been falling since 1960.


Source: UK, Netherlands: wrong sperm, three parents, ultimate agenda



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  1. otterwalks: says:

    Hello dear lady. As you know, I have not used WordPress for months. Late yesterday, the Radar, what little there is, for Iceland has begun to be available. I do have some archived rings from months ago and some day I hope to present that data. For now, I am beginning to format many of the hundreds of Global IRI – Heater Events – that have been captured.
    Hope all is well. Internet is on and off at this time here. So… While I have seen many of your articles, I have not commented.
    It has also been a tech issue.
    I’m getting much closer to a hopeful move to your homeland.
    Be well, o…

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