Pure Natura – Icelandic whole food supplements


Pure Natura is an innovative startup company in Iceland.

Pure Natura produces encapsulated food supplement from freeze-dried and ground clean glands, organs and wild herbs – an additional nutrition for people who want to take advantage of the nutrients found in nature.

Our Mission

Pure Natura is dedicated to help improve health by producing the purest functional foods and organ supplements available worldwide.


Our values are purity, quality, safety and professionalism.

To secure safety for our customers and make sure they get only the best quality products. We carefully select the organs and glands for our products, so that they always come from the purest 100% grass fed lambs raised without pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and GMO´s.

For the same reason Pure Natura only uses high quality wild crafted herbs that grow in the unspoiled Icelandic nature and therefore are free from added toxins or fertilizer.

We strive to develop our products based on the latest knowledge in the field of nutrition and technology. At the same time we build on the foundation of our ancestors in the use of traditional foods.


Our vision is to become recognized as a provider of the purest, highest quality functional foods and organ supplement available on the market by:
• Using only high standard, purest raw materials for our products
• Aiming for optimal health through quality nutrition
• Supporting sustainable food production
• Using the leading technology systems and quality control at all times
• Providing excellent customer care

Purity of Products

How pure is pure?drying birch

Pure Natura’s goal is to produce high quality supplements and “functional food” from Icelandic ingredients: Organs and glands from Icelandic lamb, wild herbs and vegetables. The products contain no additives, soy, gluten, genetically modified ingredients (GMO) or milk. The products are also free of any herbicides, pesticides drug residues, excipients and fertilizers.

Free Roaming Grass-Fed Icelandic Lamb

Grass fed icelandic lambHow Pure is Pure ?
Icelandic lamb was chosen as a source for Pure Natura’s products, due to the fact that icelandic livestock is brought up by the best possible natural conditions. Such conditions are not common and suitable for raising stock for human consumption. Icelandic nature contributes to the purity and uniqueness of the material.

More sheep than people

Iceland is a volcanic island in the N-Atlantic, between Greenland and Scandinavia. It is a sparsely populated island, best known for its pure and unspoiled nature. Around 1200 years ago, when Vikings found and settled in Iceland, they brought with them sheep which have been bred ever since in isolation, for meat and wool. These sheep are the original Scandinavian breed and have never been mixed with other sheep-breeds. In order to prevent diseases in Icelandic lambs, importation of living sheep and semen to Iceland has been forbidden for many centuries. Interesting fact; there are more sheep in Iceland than people – which is kind of unique in itself.
In Iceland the regulation and supervision of agriculture, livestock facilities, feeding and slaughter is strong and in accordance with EU rules. the usage of toxins and medicine in agriculture and animal husbandry, is extremely low and hormones or growth boosting drugs are unheard of.
Grown up sheep are kept in special sheep-stables during winter. They are fed with hay until spring when they have their lambs. During summer, or just after the lambs are born, they are taken up to the highlands to the wilderness of Iceland, where they roam around free while their lambs grow up. In autumn they are rounded up and brought back from the mountains, before winter. At about four months of age the vast majority of the lambs are harvested for meat production.

What’s so special?

Lambs bred in Iceland are 100% grass fed, they are never fed any grain or hay. The only feed they get is their mothers milk, grass and herbs, which they choose and pick themselves in the highlands. They have endless space to move around, rest and enjoy the sun, the clear water and the clean air and choose from various sorts of grasses grown in the mineral rich volcanic soil. This results in very robust and healthy individuals. It can undoubtedly be said that there are not many places in the world where it is possible to get livestock products, from animals which are brought up under such good conditions. They can literally be classified as wild game.
To ensure the health of the animals and the purity of the raw material used for our products, there is an active veterinarian control, before, during and after slaughter.
The raw materials are freeze-dried, grounded, blended and capsuled, making it easy to use as a nutritional supplement with normal diet or as an addition to special diets such as raw foods. It can also be used to support special organs/glands or to build up strength after illnesses.

According to the website of The George Mateljan Foundation, grass fed lamb contains Omega 3 in high dosages.  George Mateljahe the author of the book “The world´s Healthiest Foods” states that lamb meat contains approximately 50% the amount of omega 3 acid found in cod and tuna. Meat from grass-fed lambs also include the healthy fatty acid CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). “Ever-increasing number of studies show increased intake of CLA to be associated with improved immune and inflammatory function, improved bone mass, improved blood sugar regulation, reduced body fat, and better maintenance of lean body mass. Recent studies show that grass-fed lamb contains nearly twice as much CLA as conventionally fed lamb. Interestingly, lambs grazing during the spring and summer months store more CLA than lambs grazing during the fall and winter; higher CLA storage is also found for lambs grazing on highland and mountain pastures.” See: Grass-fed lamb, world healthiest food.

Grass fed icelandic lamb is also an excellent source of vitamin B12, niacin and other B vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, folic acid, biotin, pantothenic acid og choline. It is also a good source for zink and phosphor.

See: In depth nutritional profile for lamb

Win – Win

The glands used by Pure Natura are by-products derived from the harvesting of lambs for human consumption. In addition to making this valuable raw material available to interested consumers, it promotes full utilization of raw materials, creates jobs and promotes sustainability.
The Pure Natura team is proud to be engaged in such production which we are convinced will improve your health.

Wild Crafted Icelandic Herbs

Wild crafted icelandic herbsThe synergy of the chosen glands and the herbs is what we aim for in our mixtures. The herbs in Pure Natura´s mixtures are all grow wild in the Icelandic countryside and have been carefully selected in regards to their positive activity, known for centuries. The powerful function of Icelandic herbs is known among herbalists and can undoubtedly be connected to the good growing conditions, such as mineral rich soil and slow growth.

Wild crafted Icelandic herbs are truly wild

The herbs grow in the wilderness under the best conditions, with sufficient sunlight, clean water and air, in unpolluted, fertile volcanic soil. They are carefully selected and hand picked in a sustainable way so that there is no risk of damaging the environment and vegetation that is used.
We only use herbs that there is abundant of, so there is no risk of over-exploitation or lack of raw materials. No toxic chemicals or fertilizers are used on these plants, nor are they picked close to places where such material is used. No herbs which are considered dangerous are used in our products.

It´s a bit remarkable that some of the main herbs that Pure Natura uses in it´s mixtures are by many considered “weeds”. These include herbs such as lupine, sweet cicely and dandelion. It is a pleasure to re-introduce these herbal-alliance and share with you their unique and positive function.

Icelandic Chamomile – Matricaria maritima

Icelandic Chamomile - Matricaria maritima

Matricaria maritima is a flower species in the asteraceae family as well as being a famous medicinal plant. It is closely related to the well known Chamomile and is believed to have similar functions. It is found in many coastal areas of Northern Europe, including Scandinavia and Iceland. In Iceland its name is Baldur´s eyelashes (Baldursbrá).

Chamomile has for centuries been used in herbal medicine and it´s flowers are made into popular and widely used herbal tea. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all used the plant to fight cold, chills, fever, headaches, pain, bladder and kidney problems. The Egyptians declared it a sacred herb and dedicated it to Ra, their sun god. In Germany – where the herb has been researched extensively – Chamomile has earned the nickname “can do anything”, a tribune to its many healing benefits.

The Icelandic Baldursbrá is considered equivalent to Chamomile and is used in the same way. It´s considered calming and is used by people suffering from stress, anxiety and insomnia. Its effects are healing and soothing, especially for the digestive tract, where it also works in a supportive way. It´s used by people with ulcers and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, spasm pain, diarrhea and gastrointestinal upsets. Because of Chamomile´s mild nature it is popular and widely used for children, such as those suffering colic, indigestion and restlessness. Chamomile is also considered good against colds and to strengthen the immune system, speed healing and is believed to be good for those who are prone to allergies.

Chamomile has antibacterial, antispasmodic, pain-relieving and tonic properties. The plant is rich in calcium, iron and magnesium.

Special precautions: People allergic to plants in the aster, chrysanthemum, daisy and ragweed families may have an allergic reaction to Chamomile.

Baldursbrá is used in Pure Pick-Up because of its many healing benefits.

Health benefits of minerals

Importance of mineral rich soil

The foundation of human health relies on the quality of the food we eat, which ultimately comes down to the vitality of the soil, in which the food is grown.
Mineral rich soil fosters healthy plants, who become food for herbivores that later are consumed by humans. Plants grown in good soil are excellent source of all needed nutrients, the same goes with animals that have fed on plants from clean and healthy soil. Both can be a resource of minerals in synergy and in an easily absorbable form for the human body.

There are two kinds of minerals: macro minerals and trace minerals. Macro means “large” in Greek and your body needs them in larger amounts. They include calcium, phosphorus, magnesium sodium, potassium, chloride and sulfur. A trace of something means that there is only a little of it so your body needs just small amounts of those. They include iron, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, cobalt, fluoride and selenium. Different minerals have different benefits so no mineral can be termed as more beneficial or less beneficial than another.

The human body, must maintain its proper levels of different minerals in the body. It´s especially important that there´s a balance in the ratios of certain mineral levels to one another, or the whole system is affected by this lack of balance.

Every living cell on this planet depends on minerals for proper function and structure. In our bodies, minerals function as coenzymes and all enzyme activities involve minerals. They are essential for proper utilization of vitamins and other nutrients. They are needed for proper formation of blood and bone, the maintenance of healthy nerve function, heartbeat regulation, reproduction and fetal development. They are essential to the process of growth, healing and energy release. Detailed description of the function of every individual mineral can be found elsewhere such as on the internet, so please look that up in case you want more information.

Every one of us should make sure to get the minerals we need, for the good of our health.

Whole food supplements

Icelandic herbs- handpicked by Pure Natura

We can all agree that when it comes to food, minimally processed whole food made from quality ingredients without pesticides, antibiotics or genetic modification is your best choice. But if you are going to supplement, it would be wise to use supplements that are made from these same ingredients. Ingredients your body recognizes and can make use of.

– Why not switch to whole food supplements made from pure and well chosen concentrated real foods such as liver – who is a super food in itself – rather than use synthetic nutrients?
– Why not upgrade old food traditions and add to your diet, foods that your ancestors used on regular bases but has fallen out of favor in western society and is more or less missing in western diets today ?
– Why not make use of modern food production technology to supplement in a convenient and effective way with supplements that can best be described as powerhouse of nutrition ?

Pure Natura´s goal is produce the purest, highest quality whole food- and organ supplement available on the market by offering a variety of concentrated, carefully selected dried organs and glands from free roaming Icelandic lambs, in combination to wild handpicked Icelandic herbs.

Pure Natura´s whole food supplements brings you the power of Icelandic nature
– ready to work for and with you

Nutritional Powerhouse

Icelandic sheep rooming free

Nutrition is a key factor in a healthy lifestyle. Consumption of animal products in developed countries today is mostly limited to meat consumption, i.e. muscle. Other animal products such as offal and endocrine are not as easily accessible, despite the fact that they cover important nutrients and are up to hundred times more nutritious than meat from muscles. Even though it is possible to acquire these animal products, you need to take special care in terms of origin, as a gland is not just a gland. It can be difficult to find the raw material which is free of unwanted cumulative increase and toxins such as hormones, pesticides, heavy metals, antibiotics and more.

“Throughout history people have used glandular nutritional therapy as a natural supplement.  Usually they didn’t know it was glandular therapy, but they knew that ingesting organs and glands from animals or fish was good for the health and for preventing or treating specific ailments.  They ate the liver, kidneys, heart, brain, eyes, pancreas, digestive tract walls, adrenal glands, thyroid glands, thymus gland, bone and bone marrow, and similar portions.  Such animal tissues are concentrated sources of nutrients and specific tissues are especially supportive to their parallel tissues in the human body. ” See reference here.

Dr.Weston A.Price, who traveled and visited indigenous societies all over the world in the early 20th century to study their diets and nutrition, found that organ meats were eaten by these cultures across the globe and that they had high nice amongst all of them as a very important part of their diet.

If we concentrate on the glandular tissues primarily, then we know that they are rich in nutrients, inc. vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, polypeptides, enzymes and many other substances.

“Some of the pioneers in nutrition believed that raw glandular tissues contain intrinsic protein factors which are separate from, but synergistic with the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes, and fatty acids contained therein.  These specific protein factors are organ — or  tissue — specific.  This means that the raw cellular material of a bovine kidney, for example, will be picked up from the lymph of the human kidney when ingested.  These tissue-specific particles apparently “target” other cooperative and essential nutrients to the gland or organ for repair and maintenance. ” See reference here.

Since the early 1970s, scientific evidence has been accumulating which confirms the efficacy of the supplements.

These specific active factors are undisturbed by digestion and research indicates that the best way to benefit from its use is by “eating” the glandular. When we consume hormone-secreting glands and organs from healthy animals, we thereby assist the chemistry of our body, by giving nourishment to the corresponding glands. Glands are “super food” for the body and their consumption may result in the benefit of tissue building, repair and enhancement of the normal structure and function of the body.

Pure Natura is an Icelandic company focused on creating the purest supplements available using only all natural Icelandic ingredients. We secure organs and glands from free range, grass fed animals raised without pesticides, hormones or antibiotics.

Our products contain only and exactly the nutrients listed on the labels and we do not use ingredients such as lubricants, fillers, binders, coatings, flowing agents, or other added ingredients of any kind.

Functional Food

Functional food, healthy food, berries, health

The name functional food stands for food that has the purpose to work in a positive manner/ways for the consumer.

Functional food is food that has natural bio-active ingredients and not synthesized in a laboratory. Food from natural sources that give additional health benefits over traditional food are considered functional foods. For example: fruits, pickled and fermented dairy products, vegetables, fish and fiber. With increased understanding of the relationship between diet and health, more and more people focus on prevention rather than treatment of illnesses. Many people have changed their lifestyle and diet to avoid buying expensive drugs. Chronic diseases that can be related to unhealthy lifestyles are extremely costly for the individual and society and therefore emphasis should be on healthy choices. Derived from these facts, the concept of functional food evolved.

Production of functional food is considered to be the fastest growing niche in the food industry market at the moment.

The philosophy behind functional food fits extremely well with the values of Pure Natura and the development of their production and products.


There are many different theories on how glands and organs work.
If we concentrate on the glandular tissues primarily, then we know that they are rich in nutrients, inc. vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, polypeptides, enzymes and many other substances.

Like supports like

“Some of the pioneers in nutrition believed that raw glandular tissues contain intrinsic protein factors which are separate from, but synergistic with the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes, and fatty acids contained therein.  These specific protein factors are organ — or  tissue — specific.  This means that the raw cellular material of a bovine kidney, for example, will be picked up from the lymph of the human kidney when ingested.  These tissue-specific particles apparently “target” other cooperative and essential nutrients to the gland or organ for repair and maintenance. ” See reference: 

Many researches have been done to prove the effectiveness of glandulars. “In 1967 and 1972, Dr. A. Kment of Germany demonstrated (through radioactive isotope tracing) that the bloodstream transports specific factors from glandular tissues and absorbed by the corresponding glands of the patient.  This radioactive isotope confirmation of organ specificity was also demonstrated by Stein (1967) and several years later again by Starzyl (1979).” See reference:

Some researchers even believe that in order for the glands to be useful to the consumer they need to be digested and that is why oral consumption works best.

Glandulars used by medical docors

Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries glands and organs were used by medical doctors. In the mid 20th century pharmaceuticals began producing hormones in laboratories to replace glandulars as they claimed them to work better that glandular extracts. This production was very profitable and the stakes were high to eliminate all competition. There was propaganda against the use of glandular therapies and subsequently most doctors, using western medicine stopped using glandulars. It is however still one of the cornerstones of eastern medicine.

Recent interest

In the 21.st century the interest in using glands and organs has been reawakened in USA, Europe and many other countries. Today there is a thriving market for glandular supplements amongst conscious consumers and those who lean towards natural preventative ways to health.

Glands that are used are most often derived from pig (porcine), cow (bovine) or sheep (ovine). Most glands and organ supplements available today are freeze dried. They are both sold as only glands or as a combination of other glands or herbs.

Pure Natura´s products from glands and organs are made with high quality ingredients from only 100% grass fed Icelandic lambs, raised without pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. Some of our products also include wild crafted Icelandic herbs.

 More research on this topic can be found here:


Eating glands and organ meat

Consumption of glands and organs is not new. Throughout history, glands have been used along with various other parts of farm animals for health purposes. Previously it was common knowledge that the consumption of certain body parts of animals and fish had a good impact on the health and Pure capcels being testedwell being of the consumer. They were also specially consumed to prevent certain ailments, for instance was liver eaten
to avoid anemia. Its only in the last decades that consumption of offal foods declined in the western world and today it is primarily muscle meat that is used for human consumption. This happens despite the fact that the organs of animals, bred naturally and fed normal feed, such as grass, is one of the most nutritious foods available. Organ meat can therefore rightly be labeled as super food. Most people eating typic
al western diet would benefit from adding this food to their diet.

Now it is possible for people who either do not have access to such food or don´t want to eat them in their crude form, to enjoy the benefits of this highly nutritious food. It´s our pleasure to offer you our freeze dried, pulverized organs and gland-supplements made from the worlds finest raw materials.



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