Hofn, – or a Nearby Installation – Images Eastern Icelandic HAARP/IRI Assault – Followed by Shift to The SW With Keflavik Ring Impact

Það er búið að vera mikið spilað á “HAARP” á Íslandi þetta ár 2016 ja ..og NEXRAD ´líka…og Reykjanesið er Atlants hafs hryggurinn..en fyrir Austan er það að ég sé -Kárahnjúka virkjunarsvæðið… Er verið að kynda undir jarðskjalfta ? Eða verið að kveikja á eldfjalla virkni? Sennilega bæði… They have been doing this “play ” a lot this year….


Hofn, Iceland located on the central eastern seaboard has had another multi-hour IRI assault…! This Ring Event is located seemingly inland of the once U.S. run Hofn, Iceland air-base – H-3… It now appears to be under the auspices of the U.N., if research is factual? The first image is unique to all images that have been presented previously.  1*   This is a peak High RF, – transformed to synthetic plasma having been rebounded off of the Ionosphere at least once – ELF -VLF -ULF – ? captured at the moment of it’s impacting. 
Here are linear timestamp image loops of ten frames that cover 13 hours. The event clearly continues from 30th September at 08:30 through 21:30. It is continuous for at least thirteen hours. After that Operation, the focus is shifted to the SW of Iceland…
East Iceland single site Radar Return shows a sizable circumferential…

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