Yarrawonga Ring Largely Wiped Follows Giles -Ring’s Days of Build Up -With Emerald -Central Highlands HAARP/IRI – Ionospheric Heater Experimentation – Ground Zero Australia

Shit!!! What are they doing? Blue Beam? Hvern fjárann eru þeir að gera í Ástralía?


Developing:  Global Heater Activity Accelerates 

Returning from tech issues and it seems there is far more to present than past timelines would have one think. Generally speaking there is a seasonal change which brings about the increase in the Technocratic Future Weapons Operations. There is a constant; the switch from Arctic to Antarctic in seasonal processions. The explanation is that the EM Field of Earth is at an optimized tilt to enhance the generation of these events, covered herein, in general. As almost always this is being shorthanded in its explanation. Later some images will be added that will give visual clarity to these statements.  

At this time, the point which I believe will become ever more a talking point is that it seems highly likely that advancements in Frequency Weaponization have come to a point where the perigee and apogee are become irrelevant. The Actuarial feeds have fed…

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1 Response to Yarrawonga Ring Largely Wiped Follows Giles -Ring’s Days of Build Up -With Emerald -Central Highlands HAARP/IRI – Ionospheric Heater Experimentation – Ground Zero Australia

  1. otterwalks: says:

    Take 3… Greetings, Thank you. Iceland is next… Since the jailing of the Bankers the assault has been nearly nonstop. Naturally the District of the Nation’s High Courts is going to be hit. Reykjavik and eastern Iceland have seen increased activity since those decisions. Big Surprise given the Latitude of Iceland and its actions. It should be finished formatting very soon. Be well…

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