History of Vaccines

Spanish flu of 1918. This erupted from a new forced vaccination program of all WWI American soldiers. In fact, it is said that a common saying of the day was that more men were lost to shots from the medics than from shots by the enemy. And even after the results of the shots should have been glaringly obvious to all, they pushed ahead with a nationwide vaccination program to ‘protect’ the civilians from the ‘bugs’ the soldiers picked up overseas. They then exported this vaccination program to the rest of the world which then suffered a deadly pandemic which cost some 50 million souls. Greece, one of the few countries to abstain from the Spanish flu vaccination program, had no Spanish flu outbreak. Coincidence?

21st Century Paul Revere

Until very recently, many of us had innocently thought that the first vaccination campaign in the U.S. was in the fifties, against polio. And that the advent of vaccines had heralded the beginning of the end of communicable childhood diseases. A little research has revealed that back in the 1800’s, country-wide campaigns were taking place – and the results were…a series of PANDEMICS.

Excerpted from The Shot Heard Around the World

In England, which had only suffered a few thousand deaths to smallpox, tens of thousands were lost to the disease immediately following the smallpox vaccination program in the mid 1800’s. In fact, Edward Jenner, father of vaccinations even admitted that the disease was little known until his vaccine. Germany lost 124,000 souls, Japan 29,000. All had been vaccinated. Australia, on the other hand, which abstained after 2 deaths from the shots, lost 3 souls total. It wasn’t until…

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