IRI/HAARP Events U.S. – Australia – SW Iceland

There is apparently strange HAARP ring broadcasting from the old USA military training area which was the Reykjanes..And now NATO wants to get to Iceland instead of the USA military…I do not like to get the NATO = North Atlantic Terrorist Organization here! Sadly to say too many Icelaanders would give their freedom away for the “Big Brother take care of you” ..Old meaning of ” take care of you” actually means “kill you”… Mér líst alls ekki vel á þessar HAARP “útsendingar” á gamla æfingarstað Bandaaríska hersins…!!
Skyldi það hafa eitthvað með NATO að gera ? ( NATO= Norður Atlantsshafs hryðjuverka samtökin)..
Hversvegna er svona dæmi búið að vera að ske í hverjum mánuði það sem af er 2016? Og líka á Kárahnjúkasvæðinu ?
Hvaða byljur er verið að senda? Er verið að magna upp jarðskjálfta á þessum stöðum? Kæmi mér ekki á óvart.. Svo hægt sé að réttlæt það að NATO og Stóri Bróðir komi litla Íslandi til bjargar…sem er í rauninni að taka yfir stjórnina ..Hljómar sennilega mjög samsæriskenningarlega …. þð væri reyndar skárra en að þetta væri satt sem ég segi…


The returns showing Heater Impacts have been extremely busy. Hastings, Nebraska and Keflavik, Iceland have all been showing ongoing, long run plasmic impacts.

Adelaide, Australia registered a short Ring impact. Seems this format goes with the system capabilities for this location. This appears to be a jump point event that was caught by the Radar and satellite systems that present data for Australia.

This is going to hopefully be revisited. I have near 1000 images from the recent U.S. IRI/HAARP Event out of Nebraska, and my tech has crashed! Well, it froze. Then refroze after attention. Then unmounted the HD and will not let me Restore. Soon I hope…

The important thing is to get the data out. SW Iceland continues to register. Weather Online Australia -Oceana has three days that are archived and easily accessed. This one has been going for over twenty hours. 

The Nebraska event lasted at least five…

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4 Responses to IRI/HAARP Events U.S. – Australia – SW Iceland

  1. otterwalks: says:

    Thank you. I have an alternative medicine Dr. and her husband headed your way for several days. Any specific locations they should look into while there?

    • INGAORAMA says:

      So they are on way to Iceland? Or are already in Iceland? Well.. I m not very good in advising people on traveling but my son might be and his girlfriend they work in that field….

      • otterwalks: says:

        Greetings, I will ask if they have planned anything in advance. They are stopping over on route to the U.K. They arrive on the 20th. 🙂 o…

  2. INGAORAMA says:

    Hi again… Maybe you would like to talk more private with me than here..? I could then give you more information…and you tell me more.

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