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IRI/ HAARP -Assault on The Sovereign Icelandic Nation

Originally posted on otterwalks:
The GeoPolitical actions carried out by the Icelandic Citizenry is being recompensed by a Technologic agenda using Future Weapons technology…!  Iceland’s desire, a consensus, mirrors historic acts made to create or preserve Freedom. The populous is…

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Ukraine: New Jewish ‘Promised Land’

Originally posted on Rehmat's World:
On May 6, 2014, the deputy head of Dnipropetrovsk, B. Filatov and Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoyski announced a plan to build a New Zion: Promised Land in the Zionist liberated Ukraine. Kolomoyski’s fellow Jewish oligarch Petro Poroshenko is the current…

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IRI/HAARP Events U.S. – Australia – SW Iceland

Originally posted on otterwalks:
The returns showing Heater Impacts have been extremely busy. Hastings, Nebraska and Keflavik, Iceland have all been showing ongoing, long run plasmic impacts. Adelaide, Australia registered a short Ring impact. Seems this format goes with the system capabilities…

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Causa da Microcefalia não é Zika Vírus, pode ser as vacinas em gestantes; diz estudo.

Originally posted on Quitéria Chagas:
LEIA:?A FARSA DAS VACINAS, por Dra. Suzanne Humphries. – Quitéria Chagas ?? Autor do estudo: Dr. Plínio Bezerra dos Santos Filho, PhD. Realizou estudo e assinou denúncia junto ao Ministério Público. Vale a…

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