New vaccines will permanently alter human DNA

Is our body reactions to vaccines because of the foreign DNA in vaccines? I think so…We are getting DNA from monkey-chicken-pig-calfs-plants (peanut-soy) and now the newest DNA is from dogs and -the catepillar worm (armyworm)…So..I think our body is trying to get rid of the foreign DNA like when people get organ transplant- their body most cases rejects the foreign DNA in the implanted organ….


INGAORAMA "know a little but about a lot" "Better to know little about a lot..than lot about one thing" "Betra að vita lítið en um mikið...heldur en mikið um lítið.. " My profession is Cranio Sacral balancing therapist - you can see what that is about here The College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy I did learn from this school 4 courses - 3 courses I did learn from a German teacher Svaruppo Pfaff- she learned from Upledger Institute International Also learned special treatment with 0-2 year old children from Visionary Craniosacral Work -Benjamin Shield, Ph.D. Also from Stanley Rosenberg - Other therapies: Slerology - not graduated Grand Medicine Eyology! Natural Lift Facial Massages - graduated EFT-emotional freedom technique -graduated
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2 Responses to New vaccines will permanently alter human DNA

  1. otterwalks: says:

    This agenda is so multi-spectral that you can’t even breathe without your DNA being altered.
    Thank you for the Jon Rappoport update.

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