Iceland -IRI/HAARP Type Ring Impacts Over Seven Hours

Það er sko búið að vera að keyra haarp nuna 28 og 29 April líka.. tók skjáskot myndir yfir heilan sólarhring.. They hve been doing same thing on 28 and 29 April for 24 hours.. but it seam t peak at round the dinner time and again later in the evening..


Doubtless, I have missed some of the events that manage to make it through the filters of Iceland’s Radar imagery recently. I do have images that have not been formatted to present. It seems there is activity at least every three days this time of year. The political climate as it is, with the geologic realities, does not bode well for this type of Tomographic assault. Especially when it is over and over again. I’m betting that the earth under Iceland is a good conductor. Ground water will slow the penetration down, but metals which are likely abundant in this volcanic region, are going to allow greater depth. We are not talking about your hand held geologist’s device here. This is massive radiation being sent raining down and through everything!

These are some from today, 17th April 2016. There has been another Ionospheric Heater Event in Southwest Iceland that appears…

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