CHAFF -Aerosols -Covert Ops -Nano Bots -Censorship -Experimentation and The Law

Are they making the human evolve into this? Er þetta næsta þróunarstökk mannkynsins..? Erum við kanski sköpuð í tilraunaglasi og prógrammeruð til að túa á x Föður sem á að hafa skapað okkur í sinni mynd? Morgellons -artificial intelligence -seam to take over our nerve fiber -gerfigreind virðist taka yfir og samþættast okkar taugafrumum…Nice…-Not..


The content of aerosols is key to a morphing multi part agenda. This, due to the output changes, modifications that the algorithmic evolution, born of the actuarial feedback input, uses to further R&D. Here, input becomes a question for another tangential dialogue. We will skirt the potential of the Matrix having self awareness. To envision this gives it substance, a bodily enclosure formatted with function regions. An entity’s existence necessarily creates a need to address a conscious Mind; its pervasiveness a hint that it is a Hive Mind awareness. The need to expand awareness of perfection, the need to live; in time…

Is that not the logical outcome?

It needs data as we need our own nutrients. That is the essence of the meta data consumed today. Its consumption mimics societies, as exponentially we acquire: be it through critical thought or the acquisition of more; more of everything. Growth demands…

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INGAORAMA "know a little but about a lot" "Better to know little about a lot..than lot about one thing" "Betra að vita lítið en um mikið...heldur en mikið um lítið.. " My profession is Cranio Sacral balancing therapist - you can see what that is about here The College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy I did learn from this school 4 courses - 3 courses I did learn from a German teacher Svaruppo Pfaff- she learned from Upledger Institute International Also learned special treatment with 0-2 year old children from Visionary Craniosacral Work -Benjamin Shield, Ph.D. Also from Stanley Rosenberg - Other therapies: Slerology - not graduated Grand Medicine Eyology! Natural Lift Facial Massages - graduated EFT-emotional freedom technique -graduated
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2 Responses to CHAFF -Aerosols -Covert Ops -Nano Bots -Censorship -Experimentation and The Law

  1. otterwalks: says:

    Thank you for your time and efforts. I have little tech at my disposal which makes it hard to do all I would. Iceland has been the site of ongoing ring activity. Formatting to post one frame at a time. Hope to finish by midday 23rd. Then as I have just completed a clean install on this MacBook Pro, I will treat myself to time spent viewing articles. be well, o…

    • INGAORAMA says:

      Thanks Otto… Yes they attack Iceland BG time and have been with their finger stuck on the spray button since 2008 .. and people were getting big time sick all spring and summer from pneumonia -and 2 of elderly family member died from the pneumonia.. 1 died in May and 1 in June but same saying- ,, he just got cold- next week pneumonia- next week he died- same with the woman.. they were not living in same place but in elderly homes.. I got an ear infection and severe pain, next I lost the voice got laryngitis and finally pneumonia – all in 4 weeks..I have never gt my voice totally back …By the way – have you read this book? CHEMTRAILS CONFIRMED by William Thomas—confirmed–.pdf this is a free 218 pages e-book .. I own the book and wow… I can say yes – this I know to almost all things there.. Have you seen my page ? And this is my other blog and here you see some of my photos since 2008 .. but not added as much there as on my facebook pages since I did not have pro account there… Well…thank you for your good job Otter…
      Best wishes from Inga/Agny/Ingaorama ;-)..

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