How We Know the Earth is Round / Flat Earthers DEBUNKED: Exploring Science, Ep. II


It’s actually quite an interesting history, that is, mankind realizing the correct shape of the earth, how it spins, around what and why. Unfortunately in the world of conspiracy there’s been a topic in play for a while stating that the earth is flat and sitting still — yes, people even claim that today — rather than round and spinning through space. Worse than the people making these claims is the amount of people watching their videos, reading their articles and falling for the claim. This could be the most ridiculous theory put forth in the so-called “truther” community.

As well as the world seen through religious, esoteric, or spiritual eyes, the flat earth proposal is another ancient form of thinking brought back to the table and passed off as possible through the internet — usually by quoting the works of ancient thinkers who lacked the information of future generations that prove they were dead wrong…

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