Heavy Metaled Parhelion The Synthetic Recurrence Post Aerosols

Same shit over Iceland since 2008 non stop but they started right after they took the US base off Keflavik-…


While driving along about a mile of roadway, yet another Heavy Metaled Parhelion was captured. This one did not, from the vantages observed, present colors. It simply went the the halo as the Aerosols disbursed and the sky became the ill gray that is now mistaken as natural. The slurries continue to evolve in content and this may have had little ice nucleating particulates that formed the type of crystal that refracts sunlight with prismatic effect. 

Note: at this point censorship has taken the authors written word. The best attempt will be made to bring the article in its original form with all of the data previously provided. 

Here, the history and functional usage of CHAFF was discussed. For a complete history of how in the 50′s, freon was used with CHAFF in its disbursal. Isn’t that one of those Green House gases that are now said to be the…

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