DNA Encoded into the Sun’s Rays – Sacred Geometry

No wonder they spray chemtrails all the time 1 To prevent we can upgrade our human DNA! Doing Solar Radiation Management -SRM is part of that.

4.3.2011 | 07:21

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

here’s a direct link to youtube for those that can’t see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yDKXp7hYzw
Greetings everyone, today I would like to share an exciting experience that has happened to me yesterday on 12/27/12. I was in a middle of a video shoot when all of a sudden looking at my screen I saw that there are strange shapes surrounding a person that I was videotaping, then after a closer examination as to where these strange shapes were coming from, I have discovered that they are coming from the sun’s rays! I was astounded and thought that my camera has malfunctioned because of all the times that I have ever taken a video in the direct sunlight it has never happened before, that perhaps what I was seeing was a play of light or something wrong with the lens. I cleaned the lens but the phenomena continued , I then squinted…

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INGAORAMA "know a little but about a lot" "Better to know little about a lot..than lot about one thing" "Betra að vita lítið en um mikið...heldur en mikið um lítið.. " My profession is Cranio Sacral balancing therapist - you can see what that is about here The College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy http://ccst.co.uk/ I did learn from this school 4 courses - 3 courses I did learn from a German teacher Svaruppo Pfaff- she learned from Upledger Institute International http://www.upledger.com/aboutUs.asp Also learned special treatment with 0-2 year old children from Visionary Craniosacral Work -Benjamin Shield, Ph.D. http://www.milneinstitute.com/home.html Also from Stanley Rosenberg - http://www.stanleyrosenberg.com/ Other therapies: Slerology - not graduated Grand Medicine Eyology! http://eyology.com/ Natural Lift Facial Massages - graduated http://www.gatewayworkshops.co.uk/massage_courses/natural-life-facial-massage-course/ EFT-emotional freedom technique -graduated http://www.eftuniverse.com/
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