From the Children of Palestine to the Secretary General of the United Nations

Held að við öll sem þykjumst kunna Ensku lesum sögu þessarra barna og unglinga sem voru myrt af Israelskum stjórnvöldum…I think we who claim we know how to read and talk English should read about the story of these kids and teenagers who was murdered by the soldiers of Israel government! No matter were you stand politically – children and teenagers are kids and teenagers ! No matter were in the world that is!

My Palestine

My name is Mohammad Abu Khdeir

Martyr Mohammad Abu Khdeir. Source: google images Martyr Mohammad Abu Khdeir. Source: google images

I lived with my family in Shufat in occupied Jerusalem, and had 5 siblings. I loved playing, participating in social occasions, be it weddings or feasts. I loved dancing the dabke, which is a Palestinian traditional dance, and was member in a local dabke troupe. I loved birds, loved watching them sing, but could never own one because it meant caging them. I hoped one day to be free like a bird, and go places and travel. I was a pupil at a technical school, and studied to be an electrician, just like my father, to help him in supporting our family one day. I loved Ramadan; loved to go to the nearby mosque and pray there, to have Iftar (breaking the fast) with my family and friends, and to spend the evening with my friends laughing…

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INGAORAMA "know a little but about a lot" "Better to know little about a lot..than lot about one thing" "Betra að vita lítið en um mikið...heldur en mikið um lítið.. " My profession is Cranio Sacral balancing therapist - you can see what that is about here The College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy I did learn from this school 4 courses - 3 courses I did learn from a German teacher Svaruppo Pfaff- she learned from Upledger Institute International Also learned special treatment with 0-2 year old children from Visionary Craniosacral Work -Benjamin Shield, Ph.D. Also from Stanley Rosenberg - Other therapies: Slerology - not graduated Grand Medicine Eyology! Natural Lift Facial Massages - graduated EFT-emotional freedom technique -graduated
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