Aerosol Geoengineering Responsible For Deliberate Ozone Depletion and UV-B

n 1963, respected meteorologist Harry Wexler suggested the arctic regions could be warmed more quickly by using aircraft to spray chlorine or bromine into the stratosphere to destroy the ozone layer. (source)Most people have no knowledge of the long history of projects to create deliberate global warming including plans to melt arctic ice as a documented goal of geoengineers beginning in with the formation of Standard Oil in Ohio in 1870. (More)Since the mid 1990′s, ground observers all over the planet have witnessed chemical aerosol deployments by the same high flying aircraft suggested by Wexler. Is this just a coincidence?Today, satellite images clearly document deployment of aerosols and associated electromagnetic stations in the arctic and over every continent on earth. (More)Wexler’s Chlorine and Bromine Method Actively Deployed Today as Deliberate Ozone Depletion.How much more evidence do we need to conclude that covert aerosol spraying of chemicals from jet aircraft is a deliberate act of climate and eco-terrorism?Ozone Destruction as Warfare by Eco-TerrorismAfter Wexler suggested chemical aerosols could be deployed by aircraft to achieve ozone destruction the military expressed interest in waging geophysical warfare by attacking the ozone layer over rival nations.Seeking advice on how to cut a “hole” in the ozone layer, Wexler turned to chemist Oliver Wulf at Caltech who suggested that chlorine or bromine atoms might act in a catalytic cycle with atomic oxygen to destroy thousands of ozone molecules.

via Aerosol Geoengineering Responsible For Deliberate Ozone Depletion and UV-B.


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