CHEMTRAILS exit location on plane // Satellites monitor it

Dimming the globe-making the sky as a huge plasma tv screen for hologram broadcasting- 5) (e) CHEMTRAILS block the suns rays, virtually blocking ULTRAVIOLET light from getting to the earths surface, preventing healthy vitamin D production in your skin – notice the lack of clear sunny days due to trails spreading out and blocking your sun.

5) ( f) Condensation trails at elevations over 30,000 feet are ice crystals that have mass, and fall to the earth and melt/vaporize (if they do not “evaporate” almost instantly). There is no “taking the sun out” when condensation trails are present. Chemical trails have NANO-SIZED metals and do not melt or vaporize, and therefore spread out to “take the sun out” – thereby blocking UV light from reaching the earth, affecting the ability of vitamin D production in the skin. This poses a health risk to life. It is an assault. It is bodily harm.

5) (g) Sunlight is Earth’s primary source of energy. The suns energy is harnessed through photosynthesis. Photosynthesis by plants captures the energy of sunlight and converts it to chemical form (oxygen and reduced carbon compounds). The chemical spraying of populations by aircraft seriously affects life on earth because it blocks sunlight. It risks life. It is an aggravated assault. It is a crime against humanity.






CHEMTRAILS exit location on plane – SEND THIS TO ALL POLICE, PILOTS, all PEACE OFFICERS, everyone! (be sure to see the CARGO LOADING CHART at bottom of this post). ORBITING SATELLITES that monitor the spraying are at the end of this article.

Look just behind the engine, on the PYLON… the nozzles….

MORE from….

We need the focus to be on:
Principal Airworthiness Inspectors (PAIs), and Principal Operations Inspectors (POIs), in consultation with Chief/Director of Flight Standards and Airworthiness (and Director General of the aviation authority) as they administer an operator’s MEL (minimum equipment list). They have created bogus MEL’s, and allowed the center wing fuel tank to be loaded with trimethylaluminum for spraying operations. The pilots are unaware of the trimethylaluminum loaded (in the center wing tank), they just know they cannot use fuel from the center wing tank (faked bad valve), and…

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