Does Prozac Contain Fluoride?

So, once and for all: does Prozac contain fluoride? The simple answer is yes. Prozac not only contains fluoride, Prozac is fluoride.

Prozac is the brand name for a chemical compound called fluoxetine hydrochloride. Fluoxetine is made up of five different elements (C17H18F3NO). Fluorine is one of those elements (F3).

Fluorine is a gas and never occurs in a free state in nature.

Fluorine exists only in combination with other elements as fluoride compounds. Both organic and inorganic compounds containing the element fluorine (F) are considered fluorides. This means fluoxetine is a fluoride. Therefore, we could say Prozac is fluoride. Fluoxetine is the only ingredient in Prozac and fluoxetine is a fluoride.*

Source: Does Prozac Contain Fluoride?

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At the very Least, I have been a rebel with a cause

Lissa's Humane Life

I have been a rebel with a cause. A dissident with the truth about me. I expect nothing and get nothing. I am an enemy of society; I’m not seeking power nor votes… I’m not charming the public. I promise nothing. I can only offer my own skin because I have no other way to confirm the truth.. .regardless of the cost to my own skin. I only hope my message, as disturbing, is the consequences of the truth. I only stand for the truth. It is all I own.. all my power. It is my wages of rebellion. I fight fascism.

I thank Dane Wigington, a true inspiration— Lissa.

Wages of Rebellion – -the fight against radical evil

46:50 —

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Chemtrails, NanoParticulates, SmartDust, Morgellons with Tony Talleresco

Lissa's Humane Life

March 12, 2016 By Suzanne Maher


You will need;
a 5 gallon bucket
10, 12, 14 gauge wire (10 gauge is thicker and can allow more electrons to flow through it)
5 amp power adaptor

4 gallons of vinegar

2 gallons of distilled water
1/4 cup of sea salts
1 teaspoon of oil
and 1 hour to stick your feet in the bucket

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Hofn, – or a Nearby Installation – Images Eastern Icelandic HAARP/IRI Assault – Followed by Shift to The SW With Keflavik Ring Impact

Það er búið að vera mikið spilað á “HAARP” á Íslandi þetta ár 2016 ja ..og NEXRAD ´líka…og Reykjanesið er Atlants hafs hryggurinn..en fyrir Austan er það að ég sé -Kárahnjúka virkjunarsvæðið… Er verið að kynda undir jarðskjalfta ? Eða verið að kveikja á eldfjalla virkni? Sennilega bæði… They have been doing this “play ” a lot this year….


Hofn, Iceland located on the central eastern seaboard has had another multi-hour IRI assault…! This Ring Event is located seemingly inland of the once U.S. run Hofn, Iceland air-base – H-3… It now appears to be under the auspices of the U.N., if research is factual? The first image is unique to all images that have been presented previously.  1*   This is a peak High RF, – transformed to synthetic plasma having been rebounded off of the Ionosphere at least once – ELF -VLF -ULF – ? captured at the moment of it’s impacting. 
Here are linear timestamp image loops of ten frames that cover 13 hours. The event clearly continues from 30th September at 08:30 through 21:30. It is continuous for at least thirteen hours. After that Operation, the focus is shifted to the SW of Iceland…
East Iceland single site Radar Return shows a sizable circumferential…

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Yarrawonga Ring Largely Wiped Follows Giles -Ring’s Days of Build Up -With Emerald -Central Highlands HAARP/IRI – Ionospheric Heater Experimentation – Ground Zero Australia

Shit!!! What are they doing? Blue Beam? Hvern fjárann eru þeir að gera í Ástralía?


Developing:  Global Heater Activity Accelerates 

Returning from tech issues and it seems there is far more to present than past timelines would have one think. Generally speaking there is a seasonal change which brings about the increase in the Technocratic Future Weapons Operations. There is a constant; the switch from Arctic to Antarctic in seasonal processions. The explanation is that the EM Field of Earth is at an optimized tilt to enhance the generation of these events, covered herein, in general. As almost always this is being shorthanded in its explanation. Later some images will be added that will give visual clarity to these statements.  

At this time, the point which I believe will become ever more a talking point is that it seems highly likely that advancements in Frequency Weaponization have come to a point where the perigee and apogee are become irrelevant. The Actuarial feeds have fed…

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Japan Was On The Eve Of Throwing Out The U.S. Military & The NWO: Tectonic Plates Thru HAARP Was Rothschild’s Response. Iceland Stops Rothschild Cold!

Japan Has Thrown Liberal Democrats Out Of Office: Sending Warnings To NWO Sounds like there’s  a HAARP connection here, isn’t it interesting how they don’t mention the technology emitting low frequ…

Source: Japan Was On The Eve Of Throwing Out The U.S. Military & The NWO: Tectonic Plates Thru HAARP Was Rothschild’s Response. Iceland Stops Rothschild Cold!

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History of Vaccines

Spanish flu of 1918. This erupted from a new forced vaccination program of all WWI American soldiers. In fact, it is said that a common saying of the day was that more men were lost to shots from the medics than from shots by the enemy. And even after the results of the shots should have been glaringly obvious to all, they pushed ahead with a nationwide vaccination program to ‘protect’ the civilians from the ‘bugs’ the soldiers picked up overseas. They then exported this vaccination program to the rest of the world which then suffered a deadly pandemic which cost some 50 million souls. Greece, one of the few countries to abstain from the Spanish flu vaccination program, had no Spanish flu outbreak. Coincidence?

21st Century Paul Revere

Until very recently, many of us had innocently thought that the first vaccination campaign in the U.S. was in the fifties, against polio. And that the advent of vaccines had heralded the beginning of the end of communicable childhood diseases. A little research has revealed that back in the 1800’s, country-wide campaigns were taking place – and the results were…a series of PANDEMICS.

Excerpted from The Shot Heard Around the World

In England, which had only suffered a few thousand deaths to smallpox, tens of thousands were lost to the disease immediately following the smallpox vaccination program in the mid 1800’s. In fact, Edward Jenner, father of vaccinations even admitted that the disease was little known until his vaccine. Germany lost 124,000 souls, Japan 29,000. All had been vaccinated. Australia, on the other hand, which abstained after 2 deaths from the shots, lost 3 souls total. It wasn’t until…

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