Polio Wasn’t Vanquished, It Was Redefined -LÖMUNARVEIKINNI VAR EKKI ÚTRÝMT-HÚN VAR “ENDURSKILGREIND”.þ.e hvað þýddi að þú værir með lömunarveiki.

According to Dr. Bernard Greenberg, head of the Department of Biostatistics of the University of North Carolina School of Public Health:

In order to qualify for classification as paralytic poliomyelitis, the patient had to exhibit paralytic symptoms for at least 60 days after the onset of the disease. Prior to 1954, the patient had to exhibit paralytic symptoms for only 24 hours. Laboratory confirmation and the presence of residual paralysis were not required. After 1954, residual paralysis was determined 10 to 20 days and again 50 to 70 days after the onset of the disease. This change in definition meant that in 1955 we started reporting a new disease, namely, paralytic poliomyelitis with a longer lasting paralysis.1

As I wrote in my piece “The Salk ‘Miracle’ Myth“…

Under the new definition of polio, thousands of cases which would have previously been counted as polio would no longer be counted as polio. The change in the definition laid the groundwork for creating the impression that the Salk vaccine was effective.4


“In 1949, San Angelo, Texas outbreak of polio in kids….Since poliovirus was often found in human feces and on the legs of houseflies, Dr R.E. Elvins, the city health officer, called for a heavy spraying of DDT, singling out the open pit toilets on the “Latin American” and “Negro” side of town….. Blaming the epidemic on the “wetbacks” who migrated north each year, monitoring the health of migrant workers become the target…

San Angelo bought two fogging machines to bathe the city in DDT. Twice each day, flatbed trucks would rumble through the streets, spraying the chemical from large hoses while children danced innocently in the mist that trailed behind. As a goodwill gesture, the local Sherwin-Williams store provided DDT at no cost, urging customers to drench the walls and furniture in their homes…..

By mind-June more than half of San Angelo’s 160 hospital beds were filled by polio patients, almost all of them children under 15.

In truth, polio was never the raging epidemic portrayed in the media, not even at its height in the 1940s and 1950s.  Ten times as many children would died in accidents in those years, and three times as many would die of cancer. Polio’s special status was due, in large part, to the efforts of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, better known as the March of Dimeswhich employed the latest techniques in advertising, fund raising and motivational research to turn a horrific but relatively uncommon disease in to the most feared affliction of its time.

There is a series of five newsreels I recently found that sheds some light on the polio epidemic during the immediate post-war period and offers another perspective to that health crisis, which ultimately fueled the development of Jonas Salk’s inactivated injectable polio vaccine (IPV) in 1954 and its licensure in 1955. To view these films, just click on the following:

To put the polio story into context, it’s important to note the number of reported cases of poliomyelitis during the late-1930s and early-1940s. During 1933-1937, there were a total of 37,463 cases (4,930 deaths), followed by 31,993 cases (4,165 deaths) in 1938-1942, 12,449 cases (1,115 deaths) in 1943, 19,029 cases (1,433 deaths) in 1944, and 13,619 cases (1,189 deaths) in 1945.1 

http://www.thevaccinereaction.org/2015/07/ddt-and-the-rise-and-fall-of-polio/  THE RISE & FALL OF POLIO




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Geoengineering Watch Agrees Geoengineering is Warming the Climate


  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SjxA4UZMYc&feature=youtu.be With growing evidence that the earth may be entering a mini ice-age, the ability to warm selected areas of the the planet while denying relief to perceived enemies and populations would be an advantage to the military and globalist goal of Full Spectrum Dominance. “Owning The Weather in 2025”

Source: Geoengineering Watch Agrees Geoengineering is Warming the Climate

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Yes, Bill Clinton ASKED Russia to interfere in a US presidential election

Let’s start here, with the 1996 leak of a document detailing a meeting between Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin. Sean Guillory, writing at jacobinmag.com, states: “According to a White House memo leaked to the Washington Times in March 1996, Clinton and Yeltsin had agreed to support each other in their respective reelection bids.”

We are talking about mutual interference. President Clinton helps President Yeltsin win, and President Yeltsin helps President Clinton win.

Bill Clinton asked the president of Russia to interfere in a US presidential election. Digest that.

We need to revisit the old saying, “It’s not the conspiracy (that hurts a political criminal), it’s the cover-up (of the crime).”

There needs to be an addendum. “It’s not the conspiracy, it’s the coverage.” Meaning press coverage.

If a politician commits a major crime and the press coverage dies out, the politician gets away with it. If the press keeps hounding the politician endlessly, he doesn’t get away with it—even if there is no solid proof he committed a crime in the first place.

Source: Yes, Bill Clinton ASKED Russia to interfere in a US presidential election

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Google will soon obtain private genetic data on hundreds of thousands of medical patients… without their consent


What privacy I just say.. Your car is now mostly computer on 4 wheel.. so it can both been hacked and spying on you… and the GPS is not so you can find way to this and that..it is so you can be fallowed and tracked…all what is with a chip can do that and do.. so what the point of hiding ?

Big Brother “all seeing Illuminati eye” watch over you… and rule you….FDA allowed that RFID chip would be put in people in 2004..and the chip should contain all medical history of the person…

Nothing new here..just more who have assess to these data…and information.. and what you are told shall be done to save you can also be used to kill you…There are always to sides on the coin…

Google will soon obtain private genetic data on hundreds of thousands of medical patients


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UK, Netherlands: wrong sperm, three parents, ultimate agenda

Also in 2016, as dw.com reports: “Three-parent IVF techniques have been declared safe enough by British scientists to be offered in ‘specific circumstances.’ The treatments can reduce the risk of mothers passing hereditary diseases to their babies.”

And now we have this emerging scandal in the Netherlands: A sperm bank owner in Rotterdam, Jan Karbat, who died two months ago, is being accused of secretly fathering dozens of children. According to 23 families, Karbat switched sperm samples and substituted his own for the donors’.

As grisly as these scandals and practices are, they are mere covers for a much deeper agenda: making conception, pregnancy, and birth AN INCREASINGLY SYNTHETIC PROCESS.

Here’s another factor (summarized in the Daily Beast). In 2011, the European Science Foundation reported that 20% of European men, between the ages of 18 and 25, are “sub-fertile.” Not only that, both sperm count and sperm effectiveness have been falling since 1960.


Source: UK, Netherlands: wrong sperm, three parents, ultimate agenda

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Table of Contents

Trick or treat

– Dr Tim O’Shea

Hversvegna eru allir að kaupa EpiPens núna?

Fyrir aldamótin 1900 var hnetuofnæmi óþekkt. Í dag eru um 1.5 miljónir barna með það í USA. Farið var að nota hnetuolíu sem hjálparefni fyrir pensillín til innspýtingar um 1940 og í kringum 1960 er farið að nota hana sem hjálparefni í bóluefnaframleiðslu.

1953 var 12% þjóðarinnar komið með pensilín ofnæmi. En kostir þess á móti lífshættulegum bakteríu sýkingum þótti áhættunnar virði. 1950 var sýklalyfjum deilt út eins og M&M. Hermenn, börn, allir með einhverskonar veikindi, ekki bara bakteríu.(Innskot þýðanda-pensillín virkar ekki á virusa) 

Þrátt fyrir alvarlegar viðvaranir Alexander Flemming´s við nota sýklalyf sem fyrirbyggjandi, var þeim deilt út hægri-vinstri, svona til vonar og vara, sem væru þau nýtt undralyf.

Það er ekki fyrr en í kringum 1950 sem hnetuofnæmi fer að gera vart við sig, jafnvel þó að Ameríkanar hefðu borðað hnetur í meira en heila öld. Munið- að borða hnetur getur ekki valdið hnetu ofnæmi, nema þær hafi náð að mygla, en það er þá sem aflatoxins myndast, það er í rauninni ekki hnetu ofnæmi. Þegar fór að bera á hnetu ofnæmi voru tilfellin það fá að það þótti ekki þess virði að rannsaka það.



Fyrir aldamótin 1900, var ofnæmislost nánast óþekkt. Einkennin voru skyndilegt yfirlið (Innskot Agny.Eins og hefur skeð hjá stúlkum þegar þær eru bólusettar með HPV bóluefnunum), andnauð, krampar og stundum dauði, var ekki til fyrr en hætt var að nota skurðhníf og farið að  bólusetja undir húð.

Þessarri umbreytingu var eiginlega lokið um aldamótin í hinum Vestræna heimi. Einmitt á þesum tíma, byrjaði nýr sjúkdómur sem kallaðist Serum Sickness/ blóðvatns sjúkdómur að hrjá þúsundir barna. Margvísleg einkenni fylgdu bólusetningunni oft, þar á meðal lost, yfirlið, og stundum dauðsföll.

Í staðinn fyrir að  dylja það, þá var tengingin þekkt  og skjalfest í læknaskýrslum þess tíma. Dr. Clemens Von Pirquet, sem fann reyndar upp orðið “ofnæmi”, var leiðandi í rannsóknum á  einkennum þessa nýju sjúkdóma. [5]

Serum Sickness/Blóðsjúkdómurinn  var fyrsta samansafn ofnæmisvalda  sögunnar. Það sem hafði þurft til að koma honum af stað var tilkoma sprautu nálarinnar.  Þegar skurðhnífnum var skift út fyrir nálina, síðla 1800, varð það algengt að Serum Sicknesss / blóðsjúkdómurinn  kæmi börnum í rúmið. Það var vitað að þetta væri afleiðing bólusetninga. Vissuleg hefur ofnæmi nútímans þróast frá fyrstu rannsóknum á Serum Sickness afleiðingu bóluefna.



Von Pirquet viðurkenndi að bóluefni hefði 2 aðal áhrif: ónæmi og ofurnæmi[5]

Hann sagði að þetta tvennt væri óaðskiljanlegt: annað væri afleiðing  hins.  Með öðrum orðum, ef við áttum að hafaávinning af áhrifum fjöl-ónæmisaðgerða, yrðum við að sætta okkur við neikvæða þáttinn-fjöl ofurnæmi sem nauðsynlegan hjálparþátt.

Nútíma læknisfræði ákvað að þessum tvöfaldu áhrifum  yrði haldið leyndum, þannig að þeir leyfa ekki að neikvæði þátturinn sé ræddur.  Margir læknar voru í byrjun 1900 algjörlega á móti bólusetningum vegna þessa áhrifa. Ekki var sannað að auglýstur ávinningur væri áhættunnar virði.

Læknar eins og Walter Hawden MD, Wm. Howard Hay og Alfred Russel Wallace sáu hvernig bólusóttar (smallpox) bóluefnið hafði í reynd aukið bólusóttar  tilfellin.[2,3] Wallace var einn af leiðandi faraldsfræðingum aldarinnar, og kort hans sem sýndu að aukning dauðsfalla af völdum bólusóttar fór saman –eru nákvæmar heimildir / ómetanlegar grunn heimildir.

Annar tímamóta rannsakandi snemma 1900 var Dr. Charles Ricket, sá sem kom með hugtakið “ bráðaofnæmi”  [4]  Ricket einbeitti sér að viðbrögðum sem að sumt fólk virtist sýna gagnvart vissum fæðutegundum.

Hann uppgötvaði að í sambandi við fæðuofnæmi komu viðbrögðin fram sem afleiðing óskertra (óniðurbrotinna) próteina í fæðunni, sem hefðu farið gegnum meltingarkerfið og fundið sér þannig leið inn í blóðið í gegnum  leka þarmana. Framandi protein í blóði eru vitanlega kveikjan að öllum ofnæmis viðbrögðum, ekki bara hjá fólki, heldur öllum dýrum. [6]

En Richet tók eftir því að í verstu tilfellunum, þá skeði bráða fæðuofnæmi ekki bara við að borða mat. Þá hefði það einfaldleg verið matareitrun.

Fæðuofnæmis lost er allt annars eðlis.

Þessi skyndlegu ofsafengnu viðbrögð bera með sér að innspýting hafi átt sér stað, í kjölfarið er svo fæða sem inniheldur það sama og innspýtingin (bólusetningin) innihélt… Færð bólusetningu, síðar er fæðunnar neytt. Upphaflega aðgerðin skapar ofnæmi. Annað skiftið er það hin árásargjörnu, jafnvel banvænu, líkamlegu viðbrögð. Fyrstu verk Richet´s í kringum 1900 voru aðallega í samband við egg, kjöt, mjólk og barnaveiki (diphtheria) protein. (Innskot þýðanda- Á eftir að grúska vel og vandlega í barnaveiki-bóluefnis -innihaldinu-en ég tengi persónulega það sem allir fá í dag og kallað er barkabólga sem afleiðingu af barnaveiki bólusetningu-þ.e. þeir bólusettu smita líka..Og ekki geta læknar kallað það barnaveiki þó þú sért að kafna vegna barkabólgu-því það er jú búið að bólusetja okkur öll sem eru orðin um 60 ára..og alla fædda eftir það)

Fljótlega fóru aðrir læknar að taka eftir sláandi líkum einkennum milli viðbragða við fæðu og blóðsjúkdómsins sem tengdist bóluefnum. Nákvæmlega sömu klínísku einkennin.



Næst var það pensillín, sem varð mjög vinsælt á árunum á milli 1940 og 1950. Það uppgötvaðist fljótt að aukaefni sem kölluðust “hjálparefni” væru nauðsynleg til að lengja virkni sýklalyfsins þegar því var sprautað í líkamann.  Hjálparefnin myndu virka sem burðarsameindir. Án hjálparefna myndi sýklalyfið einungis virka í um 2 klukkutíma. Hreinsaðar olíur virkuðu best, unnu sem tímalosunar hylki fyrir sýklalyfin.

Jarðhnetuolía/Peanut oil varð fyrir valinu, vegna þess að hún virkaði vel, var ódýr og auðvelt að nálgast hana. Ofnæmi fyrir pensillíni varð algengt, og var undireins þekkt sem viðkvæmni fyrir þessari olíu sem  var notuð sem burðarefni.  Það er þessvegna sem enn í dag að  þú ert spurður að því hvort þú hafir ofnæmi fyrir pensillíni. Ofnæmið er viðkvæmni fyrir burðarefninu. (peanut oil/jarðhnetuoíu)

Árið 1953 voru 12% þjóðarinnar komin með ofnæmi fyrir pensillíni.[1]


Það er fyrir WWII sem fyrst er skýrt frá jarðhnetu ofnæmi í mörgum rannsóknum hjá fullorðnum og börnum sem höfðu verið sprautuð með nýja “undra lyfinu” penisillín.. Á þessum tíma voru vandræði í sambandi við penisillín,  þar  sem virknin varði einungis í  nokkra klukkutíma.

Til að lengja virkni lyfsins, blandaði herlæknirinn Dr. Monroe Romansky það með því sem fáanlegt  var  á stríðstíma –hnetuolíu og býflugnavaxi. Þetta var einföld lausn-líkaminn myndi brjóta niður olíuna og losa hægt út í blóðstrauminn. Því miður olli lausn Romansky´s því að tugir  barna og fullorðinna varð viðkvæmt fyrir hnetum. .[8]

Til að draga úr þessum aukaverkunum var hnetuolían hreinsuð til að fjarlægja eins mikið af próteininu og mögulegt var. Samkvæmt FDA inniheldur samt sem áður “best hreinsaða” hnetuolían snefil af hreinu próteini 0,014 til 16,7 μg prótein / ml olíu. [9] Óháð hlutfallslegu öryggi í penicillíni, var hnetuolía samþykkt í almenna notkun innan lyfjaiðnaðarins.


Stóra breytingin kom með bóluefnunum.

Hnetuolía var kynnt sem hjáparefni/adjuvants í bóluefnum upp úr 1960. Það birtist grein í NY Times 18 Sept. 1964 sem hefði aldrei fengist  prentuð í dag.

Höfundurinn lýsti því hvernig nýtt einkaleyfis innihaldsefni sem innihélt hnetuolíu, væri bætt við sem hjálparefni í nýtt flensu bóluefni, í því skyni að lengja “ónæmi.”




Peanut Oil Additive Is Found to Improve Flu Shot’s Potency


NEW YORK Merck & Co. has altered its influenza vaccine in an attempt to extend the life of flu shots by two to three years.

The key new ingredient: Peanut oil./Jarðhnetuolía

Are Peanut Oil Proteins Still In Vaccines?





In 1964, an article published in the New York Times reported that Merck, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer, patented a peanut oil vaccine adjuvant that would extend immunity.

Merck’s Peanut Oil Adjuvant /Jarðhnetuolíu hjálparefni


On September 19, 1964, an article titled “Peanut Oil Used In A New Vaccine” appeared in The New York Times.1 It was written by Stacey V. Jones.  The piece noted that an influenza vaccine, which had just recently been patented by Merck & Co., Inc., carried a key ingredient known as Adjuvant 65, which contained peanut oil. The adjuvant, aimed at slowly releasing antigens to “stimulate the creation of antibodies,” was described as “an emulsion of refined peanut oil in water to which are added an emulsifier and a stabilizer.”1 

The Origin Of Food Allergies & Natural Ways To Prevent Them


Here are some of the excipients used in vaccines and the reasons for their use as defined by the CDC.


cdc-additives-listing-vaccines-source-600.jpgEf við skoðum öll vandamálin í sambandi við bóluefni síðusta áratug [2]

þá er yfirborðskennd vitneskja nóg til að það vakni grunsemdir um að bóluefni spili einhvern þátt í þessu ofnæmi á meðal barna.

En viðbrögðin við (jarð)hnetum er ekki bara eitthvað ofnæmi.



 Hnetu ofnæmi hefur skyndilega komið fram sem numer 1 sem dauði af völdum matvæla, og er í þeim flokki ofnæmisvaka  sem geta orsakað bráðaofnæmi. Þetta ástand  eykur líkur á astma kasti, losti, öndunarfæra bilun, og jafnvel dauða. Sérstaklega á meðal barna.

 Heimildir birtar í Heather Fraser’s 2011 book The Peanut Allergy Epidemic/Hnetu Ofnæmis Faraldurinn benda á að bóluefnin tengist þessu óvéfengjanlega. 

Við höfum komist að því að viss flokkkur hjálparefna í bóluefnum , er mjög líklega orsakavaldurinn í því sem mætti kalla faraldur. [1]  En förum aðeins til baka. Við verðum að skoða nýliðna sögu bóluefna og sýklalyfja, og þær líffræðilegu breytingar sem innihaldsefni í þessum glænýju lyfjum geta haft á blóðið hjá börnum.


P.S..Tók eftir að eg hafði ekki þýtt smá svo ég set það hér óþýtt..Þýði síðar..




The first study of peanut allergies was not undertaken until 1973. It was a study of peanut excipients in vaccines. Soon afterwards, and as a result of the attention from that study, manufacturers were no longer required to disclose all the ingredients in vaccines.

What is listed in the Physicians Desk Reference in each vaccine section is not the full formula. Same with the inserts.

Suddenly after 1973, that detailed information was proprietary: the manufacturers knew it must be protected. Intellectual property. So now they only were required to describe the formula in general.

Why was peanut allergy so violent?

Adjuvant pioneer Maurice Hilleman claimed peanut oil adjuvants had all protein removed by refining. [9]

The FDA disagreed. They said some peanut protein traces would always persist [10]- that even the most refined peanut oils still contained some traces of intact peanut proteins. This was the reason doctors were directed to inject vaccines intramuscular rather than intravenous – a greater chance of absorption of intact proteins, less chance of reaction.

But all their secret research obviously wasn’t enough to prevent sensitivity.

Mother Nature know best: no intact proteins in the body. 60 million years of Natural Selection didn’t create the mammalian immune system for nothing. Put intact proteins, peanut or whatever, for any imagined reason into the human system and the inflammatory response will fire. And since the goal of oil emulsion adjuvants was to prolong reactivity in the first place – the notion of time-release – this led to sensitization.



Although peanut allergies became fairly common during the 1980s, it wasn’t until the early 1990s when there was a sudden surge of children reacting to peanuts – the true epidemic appeared.


What changed? 

The Mandated Schedule of vaccines for children doubled from the 80s to the 90s:

1980 – 20 vaccines
1995 – 40 vaccines
2011 – 68 vaccines

It would be imprudent enough to feed peanuts to a newborn, since the digestive system is largely unformed. But this is much worse – injecting intact proteins directly into the infant’s body. In 36 vaccines before the age of 18 months.

A new kind of anaphylaxis appeared with peanut reactions:

reverse anaphylaxis. (p 172, [1])

The reaction was not only to the sensitizing antigen, but to the weird new antibodies that had just been introduced in the human species by the new antigen. Without the usual benefit of the evolutionary process.  As vaccines doubled between the 1980s and the 1990s, hundreds of thousands of kids were now exhibiting peanut sensitivities, with frequent cases of anaphylaxis reactions, sometimes fatal.

But nobody talked about it.

Following the next enormous increase in vaccines on the Mandated Schedule after 9/11, whereby the total shot up to 68 recommended vaccines, the peanut allergy soon reached epidemic proportions: a million children: 1.5% of them.

These numbers fit the true definition of epidemic even though that word has never been used in mainstream literature with respect to peanut allergy, except in Fraser’s odd little book.

Many researchers, not just Heather Fraser, could see very clearly that

“The peanut allergy epidemic in children was precipitated by childhood injections.” ( [1], p 106)

Ending the peanut allergy epidemic

by Heather Fraser


But with the newfound research, the medical profession will do what they always must do – bury it. Protect the companies.

So no money will be ever allocated from NIH to study the obvious connection between vaccine excipients and peanut allergy.

That cannot happen, primarily because it would require a control group – an unvaccinated population.  And that is the Unspoken Forbidden.

Same line of reasoning that has prevented Wakefield’s work from ever being replicated in a mainstream US clinical study. No unvaccinated populations. Which actually means no studies whose outcome could possibly implicate vaccines as a source of disease or immunosuppression.


Vaccines as a cause of an allergy epidemic?

Impossible. Let’s definitely not study it.

Instead let’s spend the next 20 years looking for the Genetic Link to the childhood peanut allergy epidemic…

In such a flawed system, any pretense of true clinical science is revealed as fatally handicapped of course: we are looking for the truth, wherever our studies shall take us, except for this, and this, and oh yes, this.

Evidence for the connection between peanut excipients and vaccines is largely indirect today, because of the circling of the wagons by the manufacturers. It is very difficult to find peanut excipients listed in the inserts and PDR listings of vaccines. Simple liability.


So in addition to all the other problems with vaccines delineated in our text, now we have a new one – peanut oil excipients. Which all by themselves can cause severe, even fatal, episodes of shock, as well as chronic allergy – irrespective of the mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, and the attenuated pathogens which the manufacturers do admit to.

Quite a toxic burden to saddle the unprotected newborn with. No wonder the US Supreme Court refers to vaccines as “unavoidably unsafe.”

Childhood allergies doubled between 1980 and 2000, and have doubled again since that time. [11] Theories abound. Childhood vaccines doubled at the same time. Why is there a virtual blackout of viable discussion about this glaring fact?

The epidemic of peanut allergy is just one facet of this much broader social phenomenon. We have the sickest, most allergic kids of any country, industrialized or not, on Earth.  A study of the standard literature of vaccines is identical to a study of the history of adjuvants – an exercise in cover-up and dissimulation. Unvaccinated children don’t become autistic.

And they don’t go into shock from eating peanuts. But there can never be a formal clinical study where the control group is unvaccinated. NIH would never do that. They cannot. They know the outcome.


What Is Causing The Peanut Allergies?


So if they know the peanut oil often causes violent reactions, and causes lifelong peanut allergies in millions upon millions of people, why are they using it instead of a safer adjuvant? Now, let’s get it straight that all adjuvants can cause problems, because it’s not just peanuts that the western world have skyrocketing allergic reactions to, but yes, there are safer adjuvants, so why not use the best one?

The simple answer is money. Vaccinations are a multi-billion dollar industry, and so is it’s spin-off, the allergy treatment industry. In fact, in the next few years, it is projected to pass the $50 billion dollar per year mark.

Now imagine this … you own a big company selling vaccines and you discover a substance which you can add to your vaccines to cause a lifelong allergy to in your customers. This gives you an opportunity to sell them protection products for their allergy, including anti-histamines, epinephrine injectors, and peanut patches for the REST OF THEIR LIVES.



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  16. A Study of the Association of Vaccines with Food Allergies
    This summarizes it allAllergy Background

    Another Nasty Side Effect from Vaccinations: A Lifetime Fear of Dying from Eating  – This epidemic has hit our vaccinated children, so most of the general public is unaware of the severity of the problem and cannot understand what is going on.
    Background – I was puzzled about peanut allergiesBackground-2Physical Symptoms of Food Allergies from Stopping Inflammation by Dr. Nancy Appleton
    Physical Symptoms – VideosFood Allergy Studies

    Peanut allergies in Indonesia & Thailand Peanut allergies and IsraelDo clean houses cause peanut allergies?Sesame AllergiesCauses

    Peanut allergy and infant formula and vitaminsAntibiotics and AllergiesAllergic Dogs and other AnimalsFood Allergy Statistics

    Deadly PeanutsHistory Timeline of Vaccines & Food AllergiesStatisticsAge Study Table Meaningless StatisticsInjections Cause Allergies

    Can vaccines cause food allergies?Egg AllergiesAnaphylactic children—canaries in the public health mine shaft?Cases of Vaccinations Directly Causing AllergiesWhy is the aluminum in the vaccines? Is it as innocent as the doctors say? “Aluminum is everywhere in the environment. The little bit in the vaccine can’t hurt you….”Eczema is food allergyIt’s in There!

    It’s in there!Culture MediumEvery single food allergy that I have found, I have also found the food listed in a patent (except for squid… I’m still looking)DiluentWorld Health OrganizationGenerally Recognized as Safe Inactive” Ingredients in Pharmaceutical ProductsFDAOils listed as ingredients in adjuvants and vaccines from patents on-lineWhat about milk allergy? Is milk used in vaccines?“Currently, most if not all vaccines available on the market today contain mineral oil as part of the adjuvant oil phase.”Patents for vaccine ingredients such as adjuvants and mediumsPatents Pure peanut oilShellfish AllergyUS Licensed Vaccines (as of July 31, 2008) [I added last column – bfg] Experts

    CDC.Dr. Harry Hong, PhD, offers expertise on how to prevent children from dangerous allergies.eMJA The Medical Journal of AustraliaFood Allergies for Dummies FAANThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Food Allergies by Lee H. Freude, M.D., and Jeanne Rejaunier, Penguin Group Proof from the Experts!SichererDoublespeakDelayed-type hypersensitivity reaction due to vaccinationsWould you rather be a dummy or an idiot?Secret Ingredients

    Secret IngredientsRight to Know & Labeling package insertsFood Allergy Cures?

    A Vaccine to Cure Allergies?!?Peanut Allergy Cures?Service dog for the allergicConclusion

    Vaccines are the direct cause for the deadly peanut allergy!!! Vaccine allergyStill don’t get how vaccinations can cause peanut allergies??Save the Goober!Other Health Problems due to Food allergies

    Infertility and Food AllergyMental Health and Food AllergiesDeaths from Food allergiesIt’s No Secret Now – Updates

    Updates – Medical community admits that vaccines cause allergies but downplays it. Public needs to wake their doctors up!
    Hypersensitivity Reaction to Vaccine Components – from Medscape – very clear that vaccines cause allergies to vaccine ingredients
    Wyeth Memo – memo made public. Pharmaceutical companies spread the distribution of batches of vaccines out over a wide geographical area so the public and doctors cannot connect the occurance of death or illness to a specific vaccine batch.

    Vaccine Ingredient Lists and allergies

    Vitamin Shots

    Vitamin Shots for Newborn – peanut oil is in the vitamin K shot and it causes food allergiesVaccinations are the MAIN CAUSE of Food Allergies!!

    NewsTarget:”The greatest lie ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective,”
  17. Peanut Oil Used in Vaccines Since the 1960s

    The Hidden Food Allergy That Causes Infertility


    How A Gluten Allergy Can Effect Your Fertility

    http://www.gettingpregnantnow.org/Articles/Celiac Disease And Infertility.html

    Gluten Allergy And Recurring Miscarriage .


    One in Six or one in Seven couples


    Infertility affects about 6.1 million people in the U.S., equivalent to ten percent of the reproductive age population.




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The psychiatric agenda destroys creative children

Children are being diagnosed and dosed with toxic drugs at a staggering rate.But, as I have shown in many past articles.

NO so-called mental disorder is based on a lab test. No blood, saliva, genetic, brain test. ALL 300 or so official mental disorders are defined by menus of behaviors concocted by committees of psychiatrists.

On that foundation, the diagnoses and the drugs are handed out.Let’s look at just one of the drugs: Ritalin (or any similar ADHD medicine). After a creative child is seen fidgeting in class, looking bored, studying what he wants to study, ignoring classroom assignments, focusing on what interests him, he is diagnosed with ADHD.

Then comes the drug.In 1986, The International Journal of the Addictions published an important literature review by Richard Scarnati. It was called “An Outline of Hazardous Side Effects of Ritalin (Methylphenidate)” [v.21(7), pp. 837-841].

Scarnati listed a large number of adverse effects of Ritalin and cited published journal articles which reported each of these symptoms.

For every one of the following (selected and quoted verbatim) Ritalin effects, there is at least one confirming source in the medical literature:

* Paranoid delusions

* Paranoid psychosis

* Hypomanic and manic symptoms, amphetamine-like psychosis

* Activation of psychotic symptoms

* Toxic psychosis

* Visual hallucinations

* Auditory hallucinations

* Can surpass LSD in producing bizarre experiences

* Effects pathological thought processes

* Extreme withdrawal

* Terrified affect

* Started screaming

* Aggressiveness

* Insomnia

* Since Ritalin is considered an amphetamine-type drug, expect amphetamine-like effects

* Psychic dependence

* High-abuse potential DEA Schedule II Drug

* Decreased REM sleep

* When used with antidepressants one may see dangerous reactions including hypertension, seizures and hypothermia

* Convulsions

* Brain damage may be seen with amphetamine abuse.Under this chemical assault on the brain, what are the chances that a creative child will go on in life to become an innovator, rather than a victim of psychiatric drugging?

Make a list of your favorite innovators. Imagine them as bored distracted children sitting in classrooms…and then diagnosed, and then hammered with drugs prescribed by a doctor.This is happening now.

Source: The psychiatric agenda destroys creative children

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